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What is

It is the world explained. One idea at a time.

How does work?

Rather than asking a handful of experts to write long chapters on a hierarchy of subjects, we are welcoming thousands (zillions) of knowledgeable people willing to submit a short essay on a single CONCEPT. We want writers to give their perspective on a very thin slivver of the intellectual spectrum.

Can I write for

Absolutely. We are soliciting original essays in a unique format.

What is the format?

Fifty to five hundred words on a very (very) narrow topic. [1] A statement of the concept. [2] A comment on its significance. [3] Some discussion. [4] Two to five references. [5] A few tags. Think of it as a riff on a single concept or idea.

Example, please?

APPROPRIATE CONCEPT: 'Anti-Xa assay is superior to ACT or aPTT for heparin monitoring in ECMO.' TOO BROAD: 'Heparin monitoring in ECMO.'

Another example?

APPROPRIATE CONCEPT: 'Hemofiltration at high volumes might induce a robust exchange of extracellular water.' TOO BROAD: 'Continuous hemofiltration in sepsis.'

You're on a roll ...

APPROPRIATE CONCEPT: 'How the definition of ARDS has been adapted for use in children.' TOO BROAD: 'Pediatric ARDS.'

How is this format advantageous?

A reader searches by keywords or tags, and can dig deeper and go in various directions by following tags on to the next concept, and the next, and so on. He learns by absorbing lots of tangentially related concepts. For instance, one might read multiple concepts about croup from the perspective of an intensivist (airway obstruction), a pulmonologist (stridor), a wind-tunnel engineer (turbulence), a physicist (gas density), a patient (I can't breathe) ...